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When you’re thinking about improving or upgrading window treatments, finding the best option for your residence or business can prove easier than expected. The best way to go about it is to seek advice from local blinds installers in your area. You can discuss all customization options, blinds motorization features, and the pros and cons of blackout blinds, sheer roller shades, and everything in between. Each type of window treatment option can serve as an excellent, or less than ideal, for your Pacifica apartment, house, or office. And with custom blinds and shades, you can ensure every aspect of your new window covers gets made specifically to meet your needs.

Blackout Blinds – Room Darkening Curtains

Creating the right level of darkness inside a room is paramount. Bedrooms benefit the most from blackout blinds, curtains, and other window treatments. The ability to create total blackness makes sleeping a lot more effective. Not to mention, it makes falling asleep a lot easier. The blackout blinds feature lets you even fall asleep in the middle of the day if you so choose. As no sunlight will stream inside, blackout curtains, blinds, and other room darkening window treatments also add to your privacy. Nobody outside the window can peer inside when blackout blinds or curtains cover the frame. We installed many blackout blinds in the Pacifica area, for bedrooms, office spaces, and many other types of rooms. The complimentary consultation will help you decide if this option works for your needs, and which materials and styles will suit your budget.

Motorized Window Blinds – Pacifica Installers

The new age of wireless remote control technology has ushered all sorts of innovations in home life and office routine. Motorized blinds and roller shades give you a fast, simple, and very easy way to control natural sunlight in duplexes, office spaces, apartments, and all sorts of other residences and commercial properties. Whether you’re in Pacifica or nearby, our local motorized blinds installers can meet with you for a completely free estimate on electric window treatments for homes and businesses. We work with Somfy smart blinds remotes and motors to bring customers the newest blinds motorization features. From Wi-Fi to RF to Bluetooth and more, from timer settings to brightness and temperature sensors. Your new custom made motorized blinds or roller shades can operate in any way you want.

Outdoor Deck and Patio Shades – Exterior Canopies

Need to cover a large area outside? Exterior shades and canopies give you quite a selection of options to do that. With waterproof pool area shades, you can enjoy a nice cool shaded area without worrying about moisture damage. Motorized exterior shades for patios and decks let you adjust the remote control canopy to any angle you want. With motorized awnings and pavilion or pergola canopy motorized, you can enjoy outdoor shades at your Pacifica home or business facility. Our huge range of design patterns and materials makes it easy to find exterior shades perfect for your property.

New Custom Blinds or Shades – Free Quotes

Let us help you find the perfect blinds or exterior shades for your Pacifica area business or residence. Our patio shades and blackout blinds, motorized with Wi-Fi give you all sorts of benefits that maximize efficiency and style. We can’t possibly talk about all the beautiful and functional choices here, so book a free estimate and consult with our motorized blinds and shades specialists in-person! 

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Motorized Blinds For San Francisco & Nearby

Motorized Blinds For San Francisco & Nearby

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Free Estimates

Free Estimates

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Custom Blinds & Shades

Custom Blinds & Shades

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Professional Motorized Blinds Installation

Professional Motorized Blinds Installation

Have your new automatic window treatment set up by the best blinds installers near you.

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