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Faux Wood Blinds

San Francisco’s Best Waterproof Faux Wood Blinds

Perfect for high-moisture areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and more

Faux Wood Blinds

Affordable Faux Wood Blinds | San Francisco CA

The aesthetic look of wooden blinds has earned its reputation for classic décor.  But what if you want to achieve the same lovely design without the extra maintenance wood often requires? That’s where faux wood blinds come in. These shading products offer you the same classic elegance without special cleaning and upkeep requirements.

Faux vs. Real Wood Blinds

The use of wood for home furnishings and decorations has existed practically since the invention of houses. But in today’s modern world, we know how to get that same beautiful aesthetic without the regular requirements that come with it. Real wood blinds look great and add a homey feeling to living rooms and kitchens. But they need treatment against moisture every so often, and special cleaning methods to avoid damaging the wood. In addition, wooden window treatments tend to cost more as well. With faux wood blinds, you can get the same beautiful texture of real timber, but without such restrictions. That makes faux wood window treatments perfect for high moisture environments where you don’t want to compromise on interior décor.

Faux Wood Blinds For San Francisco Kitchens

The area where you cook food will require regular cleaning and sanitary maintenance. Therefore, faux wood blinds can make for a fantastic addition to any San Francisco kitchen. You can splash around or spill and stain everything from soapy water to various oils, without worrying about damaging the blinds accidentally. Cleaning kitchen faux wood blinds is simple and doesn’t lead to aesthetic damage to the pattern. Plus, you don’t have to worry about moisture damage or mold developing, as your waterproof faux wood blinds won’t actually have natural timber in them. That way you get all the pros without the cons in one décor-enhancing package.

San Francisco’s Best Custom Faux Wood Window Treatments

Versatility is one of the biggest advantages of faux wood blinds, You’ve got a fantastic selection of choices to pick from with these covers. From vinyl to PVC to other moisture-resistant materials. Your new custom faux wood blinds will feel flexible, yet rigid, and won’t weigh nearly as much as real wood does. In terms of texture and patterns, imitation wood stains can create wonderful types of décor. That will make it easy to complement the surrounding interior design and elevate the room’s class and elegance. By choosing to have your new faux wood blinds custom made, you can ensure they’ll fit on the windows perfectly. That way you can eliminate sunlight coming through from the sides or between the vanes. This will also turn your faux wood blinds into blackout treatments, perfect for stylish San Francisco bedrooms and TV rooms.

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