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Made-to-measure Blinds San Francisco

More than simple aesthetic boosts, blinds, and shades also give you fast and easy ways to control sunlight indoors (or outside). You can eliminate harsh glare without sacrificing natural lighting using sheer window shades in Roman-style or many other ones. Looking to improve sleeping conditions in your bedroom? Blackout blinds or room darkening draperies can ensure no sunlight gets through and you sleep soundly all through the night. With the innovations of remote control motorized blinds and shades for outdoors or indoors, controlling shading and sunlight becomes faster and easier than ever before. Use our San Francisco blinds installation services to get free estimates on any and all window treatments and outdoor patio shades and canopies. See what we have, customize your selection, and enjoy custom made blinds or shades at the best prices around!

Motorized Shades & Awnings

A great way to achieve full control over sunlight is with motorized window treatments. With roller shades, motorized via smart control systems like Somfy or Lutron, you can decide how much sunlight you want to stream inside at any point in time. Adjusting the motorized shades is literally as easy as pressing a button. Whereas once you had to go get a ladder, you can now easily cover or reveal tall windows with motorized shades. The same goes for outdoor shades and motorized awnings. Your San Francisco backyard patio or deck needs some shades? Our custom made motorized outdoor shades will provide cool, comfortable, covers for everything from pergolas and pavilions to porches and patios. Create the perfect covering option with motorized window shades or canopies for outdoors and enjoy effortless remote control whenever you want.

Blackout Blinds – Room Darkening Window Treatments

Creating darkness inside a San Francisco bedroom or den (or other spaces) can become a real necessity. With bedrooms, you need optimal sleeping conditions to maintain your health (and sanity!). Well, blackout blinds can block all incoming sunlight when you fully close them. The overlapping vanes create no slits between them, thus no sunlight gets through. Blackout blinds make for one of the best options for bedrooms, naturally, as well as for TV rooms and alike. But you can also choose them for office spaces, or other areas where you want total privacy at points. Blackout blinds will not only block sunlight, but they’ll also restrict visibility from the outside. Therefore, you get complete privacy and sunlight control.

Custom Made Blinds Benefits

Having window treatments made-to-measure means they’ll fit perfectly over the designated frames. That’s of paramount importance for many rooms, seeing as how if the blinds don’t fit perfectly, you’ll get sunlight coming in from the bottom or sides. With custom made blinds, you don’t need to worry about that. Precise measurements we take during each free consultation allows us to ensure the blinds, shades, or shutters we make for you have the right dimensions to fit perfectly over windows, skylights, glass doors, or any other glass surface you need to cover. Learn more about our vast range of blinds and shades we offer to San Francisco area properties by booking your free estimate! 

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Motorized Blinds For San Francisco & Nearby

Motorized Blinds For San Francisco & Nearby

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Free Estimates

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Custom Blinds & Shades

Custom Blinds & Shades

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Professional Motorized Blinds Installation

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