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Custom Curtains and Blinds In Millbrae

Time to replace old curtains or shades? New custom made blinds and other window treatments can offer you a lot more than just a way to diffuse sunlight. You can actually improve home security with things like roller window shutters from wood or metal. With blackout blinds, you can make bedrooms a lot more hospitable and comfortable for a well-deserved good night's sleep. The stylish choices of Roman shades and various blackout curtains and draperies also let you add to the interior décor. For the best deals on blinds, shades, curtains, and more near the Millbrae area, we’re the experts to reach out to.

Blackout Blinds – Vertical, Venetian

The classic build of blinds, Venetian-style is how it’s often referred to, has lateral vanes across the window frame. That lets you adjust the level of sunlight streaming through the windows, which you can do with a lever, a string, or motorized blinds features. Vertical blinds have vanes that, as the name suggests, go from top to bottom. This makes them more suitable for window glass walls and large surface areas where lateral vanes will begin to bend over time. Vertical blinds operate the same as Venetian basically, albeit at a 90-degree shift. Blackout blinds, vertical or Venetian, have overlapping vanes that don’t let slivers of sunlight in through tiny slits between the vanes. That makes blackout Venetian and vertical blinds great for Millbrae bedrooms and similar areas where you need complete darkness options.

Custom Curtain & Draperies

For thicker, classic window coverings, various drapery items can offer you the shading solution you want. New blackout curtains do a wonderful job preventing sunlight from streaming inside, making them excellent for bedrooms and other places where you want to have either complete privacy or total darkness at certain points. Drapes with valances, curtains with folds, and Roman shades, these are all available options with wonderful decorative styles you can opt for. The beauty and potential lavishness of curtains and draperies make them great for Millbrae office spaces, living rooms, and a variety of other areas. 

Motorized Blinds & Roller Shades For Millbrae Homes & Businesses

Automating the movement of window treatments makes it easy and quick to control sunlight. With electric blinds and a variety of motorized roller shades, you just push a button and the windows get covered or exposed accordingly. Connecting your motorized blinds with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices lets you even turn your smartphone and/or tablet into the remote control. Such automatic window treatments work for residential and commercial properties. They lend a high-tech vibe to the décor and add utility too. Motorized blinds with brightness or temperature sensors can also save you money on energy in the long term. These automatic window coverings with blinds motorization features can make your Millbrae property a lot more efficient.

Start With a Free Consultation

Whether you’re after new blinds or you want to see what different roller or Roman shades look like, we’re happy to send an expert to sit down with you for a free estimate. Our variety of curtains, blinds, window shutters, and everything in between has allowed us to create the perfect custom window treatments for a wide range of customers. Find the best blinds or shades for your Millbrae area residence or office by booking a free estimate appointment today! 

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Motorized Blinds For San Francisco & Nearby

Motorized Blinds For San Francisco & Nearby

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Free Estimates

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Custom Blinds & Shades

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Professional Motorized Blinds Installation

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